This clinically proven treatment uses various
light modes to treat the skin

LED Light Therapy Mask

LED Light MaskLed Light Therapy is a clinically proven treatment, it was developed by NASA scientists. Researching into light frequencies to grow seeds, and to repair damaged cells and tissues in the body.

Red Light

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen and elastin production in the skin. Reducing uneven pigmentation and age spots by repairing damaged skin cells. The light diminishes redness and Rosacea skin conditions, helping reduce skin inflammation and rejuvenating the skin.

Blue Light

Used to destroy and inhibit the bacteria (p.acnes) which causes acne and congested skin conditions. Reducing inflammation associated with these skin conditions and aiding in skin healing.

The treatment is used as a standalone Facial or combined into a bespoke individual treatment. .

LED Light Mask prices

  • Led Light Therapy Facial ( 30 minutes ) - £35
  • Bespoke Facial which includes Ultrasound – ( 60 minutes ) - £65
  • Led Light Therapy used as a post treatment ( 10 minutes ) - £15

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