Revolutionary skin peels to rapidly and dramatically
improve the skin, leaving the skin fresh, clear and youthful.

Chemical Peels

face peelChemical peel treatments are transforming skin procedures used to treat ageing skin, congested and acne skin conditions and un wanted pigmentation.

The skin peels are also suitable for the prevention of lines and wrinkles and ensure maximum skin health. There is no down time required after the treatment and results are dramatic.

What to Expect

During the consultation a treatment plan is discussed to suit your skin needs. During the procedure your skin is analysed to ensure each product used is beneficial to your skin. The peels are layered onto the skin and a gentle peel action, skin proliferation and skin sterilising action is activated. Skin serums and moisturising protectors then complete the treatment.

To gain maximum benefits from the skin peels it is recommended that they are used as part of a course of three treatments.

Skin Conditions Treated.

The skin peels are ideal to use on mostly any skin type to refresh and brighten the complexion, they also work well as a preventative treatment used against the effects of ageing and pre-mature ageing.

Ageing skin - The action of the peel powerfully stimulates the production of cells deep within the skin to promote collagen and elastin to improve overall skin tone and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne and congested skin conditions - The action of the peel rapidly brings the acne and congestion under control by using an antibacterial sterilising action, this also reduces the risks of future scarring, helping to minimise redness on the skin and reducing blocked pores.

Pigmented skin conditions - The action of the peel penetrates deep to control the skins pigment cells (melanocytes) , this then gently and effectively reduces the un wanted patchy discolouration and ensures a more even skin tone.

Advanced Skin Peel prices

  • £45 - 1 Treatment
  • Course of 3 Treatments - £120

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