DermaClear can create almost any look,
from a very natural light finish or a beautifully bold brow.

Micro Blading

microbladingMicroblading of the eyebrows is a form of semi-permanent makeup here at Dermaclear  we call the procedure “ THE EMBROIDERED EYEBROW “.
Each individual hair stroke is applied to the eyebrow to create a sophisticated and natural eyebrow to suit your individual needs.

The procedure is mainly for clients who want to achieve a natural look and the end results are adjusted to suit your hair, skin colour and the shape of your existing eyebrows.

What to Expect

During the Microblading procedure the shape, colour and individual aims and objectives require from the treatment are discussed, the eyebrows are expertly measured and then the shape is sketched.
The pigment colours arecarefully chosen to suit skin, hair colour and personal preference.

Each Microblading treatment will require a post treatment top up 4 to 6 weeks later, this will intensify the overall appearance of the eyebrows and allow for any re-stroking of hairs to be completed.

Pigments used here at Dermaclear are all mineral based, non toxic and hypoallergenic. A patch test is required prior to all procedures.

It is recommended to have your Embroidered Eyebrows refreshed after one year.
Differing skin types can affect the lasting effects as can sun exposure.

Reasons for microblading.

  • To improve your self confidence
  • To enhance your facial features
  • To give yourself a youthful appearance
  • To fill in any gaps and missing hairs in the eyebrow
  • To always look your best when swimming, on the beach or exercising.
  • To wake up each day with perfectly shaped eyebrows
  • To save money on expensive eyebrow products and regular treatments


  • £190 (post treatment procedure 4 to 6 weeks later, £35)
  • Colour refreshment (recommended each year) £125

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